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Thumb Drives and Oven Clocks


  1. On Finishing Septology I'm sad now, it's fine, it's fine
  2. More on Septology Somewhere around the midway point.
  3. What I'm reading now: Septology by Jon Fosse, translated by Damion Searls And I saw myself reading a book...
  4. New China MiƩville! I'm kind of excited about this
  5. Oh, hey, 2023 ended Catching up on some books I read in 2023 I might not have mentioned yet.
  6. Empire Disorders Thoughts from an old sci-fi kick
  7. Tournament of Books 2024 Shortlist Go ahead, ask me about the longlist, I dare you
  8. What I'm reading these days, Malazan edition Some rough, early thoughts on the Malazan series
  9. Welcome back (again) A quick note about re-re-re-re(?)-launching the site. As a site.
  10. The lights are on A quick post to say the lights are on.
  11. Issue Fourteen is out, also it's on Substack now A note about moving from TinyLetter to Substack.
  12. Issues Twelve and Thirteen are out A newsletter issue announcement.
  13. Issue Ten is out and Issue Eleven is coming soon A newsletter issue announcement.
  14. Issue nine is out A newsletter issue announcement.
  15. It's a newsletter, now...still A post to warm up the RSS feed.
  16. It's a newsletter, now A note about the blog becoming a newsletter.
  17. Well this is a hot mess A note about the history of the site, from the time when I moved to the 2021 incarnation of the site.