Okay okay okay, this blog started out on Blogspot in 2005 and ran there until 2010 (which era's worth of posts are, unbelieveably, still out there; Just Bing It!) before I moved over to Wordpress for sporadic posting until about 2019. Then my hosting provider decided to merge with another hosting provider that I didn't like and so I was like, whatever, I'm just going to go roll my own thing! That was a delusion I had because my lady and I also had just had our second baby. (He's 2 now. What the hell.) And then anyway a global pandemic hit and, well. Well. It's 2021 now and I'm seeing if I can get this thing running again, for some reason. (Reasons like "sometimes it's nice to scream into the void for more than 280 characters at a time" and "why not, nothing matters anyway, lol".)

Anyways, I've moved over to a custom-built Eleventy-based site hosted on Netlify and I think I've actually gotten all the Wordpress content imported over (thanks, Smashing Magazine!), except for the images, because I think I forgot to download all those before my old hosting provider imploded. So if you're looking for the 2011-era typewriter posts, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Anyways, does anyone even blog anymore? I've had a weird reading year. I might try blogging about it. Does that make me retro-cool, yet? Who knows. Nothing matters anyway. LOL.

(Also I apologize for basically everything about this site. It's May 2021 and I can't remember half of what I did last year to configure this site and anyway the world is still basically, completely fucked. So!)