China Miéville is publishing a new novel. Co-authored with some cool guy named, ah, Keanu Reeves?

I’m going to need a minute to breathe, here, so go ahead and read this article about it while I, uh, breathe.

Okay, okay.

So, honestly, I’ve been mildly worried that Miéville was done with novels. Which of course would be fine! The Bas Lag series from 2000 to 2004 would be enough to cement his legacy for me forever; that The City & the CityKraken, and Embassytown run from 2009 to 2011 is crazy to think about. Just casually dropping three bangers over three years like it's no big deal. That said things get a little weird after that, I’ve been hit or miss on his novellas and story collections, I think they got a bit more abstract on me or something, though I’m sure they’re all worth revisiting with a clear head and reset expectations.

Which is only to say it’s been a bit since I’ve had that “I’m reading new China Miéville and it is amazing” buzz. Maybe this is going to be it. Comes out in July which is good because that means I’ve got time to catch up on the Keanu Reeves graphic novels.