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Issue Fourteen is out, also it's on Substack now

(2023-01-16, ~3 pm-ish)

I sent issue fourteen out over the holidays. And then I moved the whole thing over to Substack. You can find the new home here, at least, until some billionaire megalomaniac comes along and buys the internet, at which point I'll move the whole thing to a paper 'zine.

Issues Twelve and Thirteen are out

(2022-11-16, ~3 pm-ish)

Issue twelve came out a little while ago and issue thirteen just came out yesterday. How fun! Find them both in the archive over here. Also go ahead and subscribe. Make me feel good.

In other news I'm thinking maybe I'll stop resisting the tides and move from TinyLetter to Substack. In other other news I also wonder if I shouldn't move back to the blog actually. I don't know.

Issue Ten is out and Issue Eleven is coming soon

(2022-09-19, ~8 pm-ish)

Issue ten is available. Has been for a bit, actually! You can find it in the archive and subscribe over here. If you subscribe you'll see Issue Eleven in your inbox as soon as it comes out. Which should be this week. Wild times.

Issue nine is out

(2022-08-18, ~2 pm-ish)

Hi! Hello. Issue nine is now available. Which is to say: I'm still doing the newsletter. You can read the archive and subscribe over here.

It's a newsletter, now...still

(2022-04-26, ~4 pm-ish)

I still don't know that anyone randomly lands on this page these days, but I'm also definitely certain I think that I did not actually have RSS working correctly here, so on the completely off-hand chance that you're out there and you're subscribed to this blog...hello, I've reinvented it as a newsletter, and with six issues under my belt, I'm starting to feel like maybe I'm actually going to stick with it.

You can subscribe to Thumb Drives and Oven Clocks: the newsletter about books that used to be a blog about books if you are interested. Do say hello, if you do.

...and all that said, I'm realizing I actually could still use the blog, for, like, stuff. So. Who knows. We'll see.

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My name is Darby M. Dixon III. I like books.

Thumb Drives and Oven Clocks is my litblog and it has existed since January 2005. That makes me old. Honestly I thought this whole thing was over for a while there the last few years but then in January 2022 I started producing this thing as a newsletter, and that has actually been going pretty well, in that it has actually been going at all. You can subscribe to the newsletter here if you would like to receive it in your inbox. I read the replies. I sometimes reply.