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Thumb Drives and Oven Clocks

About #

Thumb Drives and Oven Clocks is a litblog, of sorts. It goes by TDAOC, for short, sometimes.

It is authored by Darby M. Dixon III, who is this guy, you know?

Contact #

I'm on and Bluesky and Mastodon if you want to chat and/or tell me how right and/or wrong I am about anything.

Feeds #

There's an RSS feed here if you want to follow me in a newsreader of your choice. (I use NetNewsWire these days but there's other options out there if you search around a bit.)

There's also a JSON feed here if you want to do something with that.

A brief history #

TDAOC launched in 2005 on Blogger. It was there for the golden age of blogging. The archives are out there if you care to look for them.

In 2010, it relaunched on Wordpress at a new URL. Things slowed down. The WordPress years are archived here.

In about 2020, the whole thing moved to a home-grown blogging platform, because I'm a web nerd by day, and I wanted to roll my own thing. No real new content appeared, though. I was distracted.

In 2022, TDAOC relaunched as an e-mail newsletter. It started on TinyLetter for all of 2022, during which year I wrote at least a little bit about every single book I read that year. Then it moved to Substack in 2023. I gave up on writing about every book, so it slowed down quite a bit, but I still had some fun. The newsletter arcives are available here.

At the end of 2023 I moved off Substack (for reasons) and back to the website, which is, arguably, where it belonged all along, anyway.

Probably the highlight of my entire life as a writer #

Stephen Dixon, the author (and TDAOC-favorite), once referred to me as "a hell of a smart critic".