Hello, world. Again!

I've rebooted the internals of this site—nerd business, that—and now I should be able to actually post to this site again. The way I probably should have always been able to post to this site.

Which hopefully means, yes, actually posting to this site again. Seeing as, as far as I can tell, Substack continues to decide they prefer having Nazis rather than me on their platform. (Though I guess if they change their tune someone will need to tell me, since as of sometime yesterday I turned off all notifications from the site; maybe they'll send me a "we miss you and we like you more than we like getting money from Nazis and so we got rid of all the Nazis" holiday card or something?)

Anyways! I've moved almost all of the newsletters out onto this site, though I haven't thoroughly proofed it all or anything yet, so forgive me for whatever breaks. I've also slightly adjusted the starter design of this site to something more starter-but-adjusted-slightly. I don't mind it, but I know I'm going to want to get weird with it, too, at some point.

Honestly mostly I hope what this means for me is a return to more blog-style content about what I'm reading, half-baked thoughts what's going on in the lit world, and confused hand-wringing about the youths and their tropes and their TikToks. (Newsletter-issue style content was fun but also kind of stressful.)

One thing I will miss is the comments at the end of the newsletters. It was always nice whenever I did get a comment. In the meantime if you want to tell me how wrong I am about a book I liked or a newsletter platform I have abandoned, you can chat with me on Micro.blog (to which this blog should still syndicate, I think, if I didn't break it?) or on Bluesky (which I'm still holding out hope isn't about to become a total cesspool) or Mastodon (which I'm really not very active on at all but if you say hi there I will eventually say hi back!).