Aw heck

And for my next trick, I’ll be teaching a master class in how not to blog.

Anyway, I’m avoiding another project right now, long enough to say that I read all those books I said I was going to read, and I haven’t said much of anything because if you don’t have anything nice to say, avoid blogging about it for two months? Well, not that I have nothing nice to say, more like, I have nice things to say, but I mostly have not nice things to say, and I didn’t really think anyone would mind if I opted not to rant off like a total jerkface for a while. Because do you really need a long post by some guy with a blog talking about how he’s sort of not that crazy about Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and about how he pretty much completely disliked Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas, a book that may have single handedly killed all joy our humble narrator may have once taken in self-indulgent meta-fiction? Both of which are true things I could say about my recent reading experiences? Yeah, things got a little dark and despair-ridden there, so, you know, best to duck and cover until the nuclear wave of ugh passed by. Or something. How does this work again?

I do still have some good books I want to talk about before the year is up, like Metropole by Ferenc Karinthy, which, do us both a favor and just read it and help me avoid the embarrassment of not having told you to read it sooner, yes? And other books from this year. And stuff.

And, uh, yeah. I’ve also got a review coming out sometime soon. That’s for a book I liked. Get excited.

Plus, you know. Dostoevsky.

Apologies, and a weird picture of a girl with a gun to her head

No, the apologies are not for dissing Nobody Move, but for any recent issues you may have experienced reaching this blog. Something’s been failing, though it’s unclear what. Let me know via your favorite form of Internet magic if your quality of life is affected by these spotty outages.

Also, I apologize to anybody who has come to this blog recently, and failed to find a convenient archive of past posts. Creating an actual design for this place has been on the agenda since Day One. I am not good with agendas. In the meantime, at least the archive is up in the sidebar now, pinned to the loose drywall, covered in dust. You will find the first 5.25 years worth of posts over here; someday this, too, will be included in the sidebar. (Professionalism.)

Also, apropos of nothing, Haruki Murakami fans may want to look at this. Don’t expect to understand it. But, you knew that already.

In other news, there is more to come. (That I can say that with a straight face is not what is to come, though it is, itself, news.)