thumb drives and oven clocks: a litblog, of sorts

Tonight, on Thumb Drives and Oven Clocks, a kinetic type animation, with music; or, here is what I did with about twenty hours of my life about a month and a half ago


Kinetic type animation of "Walking Alone at Night" by Vivian Girls

I'll keep this one relatively brief, since I'd rather you spend the next minute of your life enjoying what's behind door number one, either by clicking on the big type-laden image or this link right here. (There is sound, so if you're supposed to be working on a spreadsheet or something, you might want to drop your volume a notch before clicking.) Yes, it is a Flash animation, which means neither you nor David Lynch can watch it on your iPhone. I apologize for that and I promise you I feel dirty over it. (If you have experience with getting Flash animations into a format suitable for upload to YouTube, please let me know--I'm pretty sure it involves rocket science, and rather than getting distracted by trying to become a rocket scientist, I'd rather buy you a six pack for pointing me in the right direction.) In any case, it's a kinetic type animation, and it has nothing to do with books, despite the by-now-quite-tangential Henry Darger connection. It is the result of a project from the advanced vector design class I took over the summer, this being about one of the most enjoyable projects I've put my efforts into in some time, and, well, here it is. Let me know if you like it. And then, go buy a Vivian Girls album, so they don't sue me for borrowing their song. (The album this song is from is called Everything Goes Wrong and it kicks all sorts of ass; I'm pretty sure I sold about three or four copies during the course of the class for which this video was made. I might suggest I've listened to this song perhaps even more than the band itself has listened to this song and I still love it. Strong endorsement.)


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