Or Eve

I’ve been working on a new visual project of my own for a while now, and I’m getting ready to launch it. It’s called Or Eve. As of right now it doesn’t involve any known human words or languages. But I’ve been spilling a few human words or two about the project (along with some process screenshots) here and there for a while now, which you can find over here.

Author: Darby

...is, or has described himself variously as, a reader, a litblogger, a critic, a design student, a designer, a developer, a fan of typewriters, a mediocre videogamer, an amateur painter, a dayjob holder, a guy, your new BFF.

One thought on “Or Eve”

  1. Dear Darby Dixon: I’ve been trying to leave a comment after your review-blog of my novel Hs Wife Leaves Him but my comments keep disappearing. I checked with my daughter and she explained what I was doing wrong. I’ll try again. I don’t think it’ll work. So I’ll be short, because it may be an exercise of futility.
    I think your review-blog of HWLH and my
    work in general and what I try to do as a writer was the most astute, incisive and intelligent commentary of my work I’ve ever read. Thanks. I only came upon it today and I was very happy with it.
    Very best, Stephen Dixon

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