I mean, the ribbon is probably only like, what, ninety years old? Seventy?

Some notes on things to come

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4 thoughts on “I mean, the ribbon is probably only like, what, ninety years old? Seventy?”

  1. I’m about a hundred pages from the end of IJ and, while I’m sure there are things I have missed and may catch on a second reading, do I really need a reader’s guide?

  2. Not that that has anything to do with your post, which I kind of have to strain my eyes to read, young whippersnapper.

  3. Never mind me. There’s a zoom function!

    And I think the answer is I need to read it again. Immediately. This book does, on a much smaller scale, what Lost tried to do, only IJ succeeded, and now I have to draw the connections web.

  4. Tal, so glad you read it (and liked it!). The immediate reread desire seems to be a common one. I’m long overdue for my own reread.

    I don’t think I’d want to refer to a reader’s guide though. I think it could take away half the fun of the book. Plus I mean who needs extra footnotes?

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